Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What The Fuck Is Party Music?

So while I was a a party last Friday (good party by the way!) I got thinking while the music was going about what is "party music" is it that god awful "I've got a feeling" shit everybody likes, because its so literal that people don't need to figure out thaws going on in the song? or maybe its something electronic (or worse some wub wub).

Some would say it's whatever people like, now this might be true, but with that theory I'll go to a party and listen to some King Crimson, I'm sure everyone will love dancing along to that. Thus one genre that should stay away from any party atmosphere is Progressive Rock/Metal. Anything at a party where people are concentrating more on what instruments that are being played and how isn't great, now if this is some sort of listening session then yeah nothing wrong with that because the focus is on the music.

The biggest bane at parties for me is music, its not really their fault that I'm so into I spent such large amounts of time searching and listening to new stuff, but to show up and hear top 40 pop and rap from the past 20 years really messes with me. To make things worse when you attempt to put something on that might be fun, new and different you get weird looks like you've gone against everyone by not playing something everyone knows.

Another bane is the 10 second DJ, to have someone try show off all their "different" music they give you the first 10 seconds before they move onto the next song. Dude I don't care if the songs good or not play it till the end or not at all. Lastly in my list of music related party bane's is Youtube remixes, the first part of the problem is the sound quality on Youtube isn't the best, that combined with people waiting for shit to stream, you have everyone standing round waiting for the music to start again (we don't want to have to start talking or something).

Now back from the bane tangent is party music this:

Or maybe its this:

I hope its not this:

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