Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Movie Soundtrack, An Unreleased Release, A Two Piece And A Train

There's nothing worse than taking public transport without music (believe me I tried it once) the conversation people have (usually ones by school kids) will forever be loss. Today I took the trek home to see the parents via public transport and while its only just under an hour taking a train and bus it did allow me to listen to some albums on the way and once here.

The first was the new release by a favourite band of mine The Kills with their album titled Blood Pressures, while this album wasn't on the level as my favourite Midnight Boom this is still another strong release by The Kills. Alison Mosshart's vocals are as strong and beautiful as ever, Jamie Hince does a great job in backing vocals and  instrumentally keeping the raw garage rock sound which they've had from the start. If your a big fan like myself you'll definitely dig this album, as it keeps with the formula that has made this band successful, it won't blow you away, but it'll definitely still be an album to enjoy.
Overall Rating: 8

Next was the recently publicised leak of the unreleased David Bowie album titled Toy, it isn't jammed packed with new material, with B sides and some stuff that was written as far back as the 60's. Now when listening it was all kind of "meh" I've always been a fairly big Bowie fan, but it's been a while since I had listen a to album by the great and it just didn't go down that well. That's not to say this album sucks by any means it had some decent stuff on it but I see this more as an album I wasn't prepared to listen to and hopefully after recapturing the Bowie sound (through listening to some of his more famous albums) this will grow on me, but for now its all a little bit disappointing.
Overall Rating: 6.5

Last is the very short EP soundtrack for the Movie Submarine, by the Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner. At only 20 minutes and just 6 tracks you'll definitely get just a small taste of what Alex Turner can do. It's essentially a BAS album, so something different from everything he's done before this. The sound is much more mature lacking the chav like vocals that made the Arctic Monkeys famous in the past. While it's BAS and different you still get some of the signature guitar tones from Alex and with himself growing up, something mature away from the youthful sounding Arctic Monkeys is very nice as his voice works so well on every song on this EP.
Overall Rating: 8

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