Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Had A Dream

No don't worry I'm not going to review a Martin Luther King Jr speech, but I did have a dream last night, one that still doesn't really make any sense as to why it happened. I was thinking last night about what I would write about today and just before bed I got a decent idea. The idea was of albums that you were excited about and ended up just failing in your eyes completely.

An example of this recently was that of The Strokes - Angles which I did a sort of review for after it leaked. Even though before the release I thought it was going to fail (why? I don't know) when the first couple of singles came out, it gave me hope it was going to be at least a pretty good release. Now I was pretty excited when I found out it leaked and after the first listen, any hope I had for the band was now gone and the excitement I had was obviously lost.

Now to the dream, for some reason it involved myself posting today that the next album by Best Coast is going to be a complete flop, for no reason other than it happened in my dream. So it's official, Best Coast's new album shall fail, all those that liked Crazy For You (myself included) will no be excited when they release another album no idea when by the way, but it shall fail and ruin our lives.

So the question I'll end with, has there ever been an album that you anticipated and ended up completely failing to impress you?

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