Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey Didn't I See You At...?

On Saturday I was at cricket prize giving, now obviously there's nothing out of the ordinary with this, but during the night I noticed someone I used to play cricket with and was also at a gig I went to last year. This gig was seeing the Pixies in Christchurch, now instead of talking about the season past like everyone else, we went straight onto the topic of the gig. Our favourite songs played, why we like them and his disbelief that someone much younger than himself was also a big fan.

Now this lead me to the topic of drunken musical chats, because by the time we started the Pixies chat the amount of beer consumed was quite large, also at many a parties, music has come into the equation with me. Some of my top drunken music arguments include the subject of Pearl Jam, my friend was going to see them soon and wasn't pleased when I called them my least favourite grunge band. This argument went on for a long time during the night and just like most arguments, neither side was going to budge on what they believed was right. Now it probably didn't help when I started talking shit about the latest album Backspacer, cause after all its a giant turd of an album, with the most lifeless guitars ever (well maybe not ever, but you get the point). He still sees it as a classic PJ album, but that's probably more because he saw the songs live and was in total awe of the band.

When you have a strong opinion on bands that you think are good or bad, you'll always step on someone's toes, it's worst when someone says they really like a band that you dislike. An example which has been used recently is Kings of Leon, after the Sex on Fire and Lose Somebody singles the band took off commercially with such a sudden mainstream success that increased its fan base big time (my dad being a new fan...sigh). Now some called them sell outs not me though, because I just thought they were as shit as the earlier albums even if the band hasn't sounded the same, it's always sucked and telling people their favourite band sucks isn't great for conversation.

So music for me while I love it so, it's something I don't always like to talk about, because to some they obviously care when I tell them their favourite band blows, I on the other hand don't give a shit if they like bands I like or not.

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