Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's Listening: It Was Just Noise Maaaan

Well today's music listening has been in a way awkward, it wasn't necessarily bad, just the albums I chose weren't exactly your everyday regular listen stuff. So here's what I thought;

starting off with Colin Stetson's creation many could just call it a bunch of electronic noises, thankfully its more than that. My only problem is after one listen I have little idea if I actually like it, hopefully it grows on me cause right now I feel indifferent about that listening experience.

Next up was Raekwon's new album Shaolin vs. Wu Tang, now Raekwon's last album Only built for Cuban Linx...PtII was great, one of the better albums from 2009 but this won't be going on any top album lists (well atleast I hope it doesn't) its very boring nothing appealing and a listen I was pleased it was over. It definitely wasn't bad but I'm struggling to find any positives about it. This is probably just a filler album for PtIII. Hopefully next time Raekwon brings RZA into the studio with him and errthang should be alright again.

After that sham was Tim Hecker and while not being much of a drone fan, I really did dig this album, really strong atmosphere and the visual ideas explored through the sounds are great. Usually I get bored fast from drone but some how this kept me wanting more.

Last up was Nicolas Jaar, now I gotta say it's the pick of the bunch for me, the beats are amazing and the minimal aspects involved form some great tracks. Obviously you ain't going to hear this at the clubs but it would be pretty hilarious to see what people did if it happened. Big ups Jaar!

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