Friday, March 18, 2011


Next Monday MF DOOM plays for the first time in Wellington, part of his first ever "tour" (it's actually only 2 shows, hardly a "tour") I haven't bought a ticket, considering I'm a poor student without a job, but the question still remains, should I go anyway? I CAN afford to go, but really shouldn't with my current financial situation.

MF DOOM  has always been one of my favourite rappers with albums I rate quite highly with his 1999 classic Operation Doomsday and Mm...Food helping give him a pretty solid reputation in the rap game. He hit the big time in collaborating with the producer Madlib under the name Madvillain, Madvillain created the album Madvillainy which is a revere album not only in it's genre but up there with albums made between 2000-2009.

While thinking about this possibly being the only chance I'll ever have to see him, this might sway me to this, fuck man its motherfuckin MF DOOM I have to go, but shouldn't, I'll decide by the end of the weekend. If so I'm sure I could write up something about how good it was.

Anyway here's a taster of what MF DOOM can do:

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