Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Happened? I don't know but I like it!

Don't you hate it when your favourite drone band decides to do J-pop? yeah same and that's what happened when I decided to give the new album from Boris (called New Album) a listen. Now while on the surface I thought I hated this release during the early stages of the first listen, I moved away from the fact it was Boris release and looked at it on face value alone.

The album is pretty stock standard J-pop (well as stock standard as I've ever listened to, its not what I'd call it a popular genre for me) early on, but it delves into a much more beat driven dance tracks with the appropriately named Party Boy being the first. To me this is the first sight of old Boris being included with the distorted guitar in the background playing a supporting role to the track.

Next up is Black Original which gets rid of the guitar completely, it's simply a durrty electronic track that would be appropriate in any club, some could call this "A Douche bags Delight!" not me though...cause that's lame and all. The album slows down to something resembling Spanish Sahara by Foals but with a nice Boris spin to it, a very peaceful track with minimal electronics included to beef it up a little.

The album sounds like it was about to die a slow death, but up pops more J-pop to revive it back to life, while this is somewhat enjoyable, it doesn't exactly shout exciting to me, maybe its just cause I don't care for J-pop enough.

The album goes from "doof doof" raves to J-pop if you're into that than go ahead and listen to this. Obviously if you prefer the noise/experimental/stoner/psychedelic/drone rock that Boris has done in the past then you probably won't like this, its solid but not spectacular.

Rating you ask? 7

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