Thursday, March 17, 2011

Song From A Band You Hate: There Wasn't An Option Till This Morning

It's weird, day 12 of the 30 Day Song Challenge that has consumed all that is Facebook might seem like an easy day for me, after all I have no problem reminding people of why I think a band or song sucks, but its definitely not as easy as some band I think suck.

Have I ever truly hated a band? not that I know of, hating a band would actually mean they did something to me. Last time I checked no one ever forced me to listen to the last Kings Of Leon album (or any album for that matter, thank god) or Bieber, Black Eyed Peas and Hellyeah.

Nor is it those bands fault people like them, they're only playing what they or the consumers like (or are told to like). I'd kind of understand if the band beat you up out the back of a gig, cause you asked them out on a date (fffag) but otherwise I'm not sure "Why The Hate?".

Well all this changed in the early hours of this morning, it might have been the songs fifth, sixth, seventh consecutive listen that was breaking point but FUCK PENDULUM. It's bad enough the songs aren't really my thing and when your trying to get back to sleep you continue the most boring, repetitive song sure didn't help. Perhaps the shouting over the song helped drown out the song a little, yeah probably did, but that was a short reprieve when death was a pretty good consideration at the time.

Please Pendulum fans who read this (owned on two counts by the way) don't get butt hurt cause I think the band makes shit music, cause it's just music maaan. Why would you care if I or anyone else didn't like them?

In short, without knowing the name of the song, today's 30 Day Song Challenge song will definitely be a Pendulum song.

P.S. I'm not even 100% sure it was Pendulum but it's a pretty smart guess.

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