Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RIP The Strokes 1998 - 2011

So anyone hoping for a revival of The Strokes will be disappointed, cause their new album angles is bizarrely bad, its not The Strokes we all used to listen to, the riffs are boring, the vocals sound slightly weird and it doesn't resemble them at all.

The Positives:
Its only 35 minutes long so the misery is short and sharp like a ginsu knife to the eye (or not)
There's 3 decent songs on the album Under Cover Of Darkness, Taken For A Fool and Life Is Simple In The Moonlight.
Some people actually like it (I don't know how) so they might get another chance down the road to redeem themselves, or worse makes things even worse then this.

Not a lot of the sound by these guys that I used to love
Songs 1,3,4,6,7,8,9 all suck
Its 35 minutes of your life you'll want back.

Don't Worry I'll always remember the good times we had, back when you released Is This It and had an album full of awesome songs that I still love.

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