Friday, March 25, 2011

Live Review: MF DOOM San Francisco Bath House Wellington New Zealand

Thank fuck MF DOOM isn't a real super hero as he would've shown up an hour and a half late to the crime or that's what happened in relation to how late he was to his performance on Monday night. When walking in it merely stated that DOOM was to begin at 10pm at night so just before 10 I took the opportunity to stand on the barrier which was essentially being up against the stage. at about 9:30 DJ Spell began his set, it was quite nice hearing a bunch of classic hip hop/rap tunes that while waiting for DOOM to inevitably start and helped stop any possible riots from the unimpressed crowd.

Another thing I noticed was the crowd, which happened to be 95% white people, I'm not sure if that's because MF DOOM is a white man's rapper (well I'm guessing not) or because people of the darker shade don't like him or thought it was a little pricey (which it kind of was).

Now DOOM eventually started his performance at 1130pm and once it started we were shown very very quickly why people hold this guy in such high regard. One thing you notice early on is how great his flow is, the dude can spit with the best of them and the crowd are almost in awe of his ability with the mic. The setlist is mainly full of tracks from Operation Doomsday, Mm...Food and to my delight Madvillainy. The Madvillain tracks seemed to be the biggest hit with the crowd which included tracks Accordian, Meat Grinder and Rainbows. While other album tracks included One Beer, Rhymes Like Dimes and Hey!

The performance was so tight and the crowd (particularly was immense) being crush at the front a few times may not be the greatest of things to happen to someone at a gig, but damn it showed that the crowd are really into it, rapping along. My personal favourite moment would have to be early on in his set (unsure of the song now) while i had my hand out he gangsta hand shook me (is there any other way of describing it?) and held it while rapping in my face, one of my favourite gig moments ever, if not the best.

All of this was fun, MF DOOM put on an incredible show, a shame he took so long to come on  stage but me thinks the advertised time was incorrect as the next night in Auckland he was due to perform at 1130. The show wasn't the longest with it being just over and hour long, but it was an hour of great rapping, something we might never see here again in Wellington.

Overall Rating 8.5

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