Thursday, September 22, 2011

Album Review: Active Child - You Are All I See

You Are All I See is the second album by one man (Pat Grossi) project Active Child, I never listened to the first release (probably never will either). I heard it wasn't that great and so after being shown a coupole of tracks found on his Soundcloud account I was suddenly interested in what he had to offer. I know this has been out a  while now but I completely forgot I had this so have only just got round to listening to this.

The title tracks starts this album one that produces beautiful sounds and some really nice vocals to match this. There is definitely a dreamy kind of vibe in the music to this the chimes give it a nice feel as the dream pop vocals finish the song off. The second song on thye album reminds me more of a Weeknd kind of thing, with the song heavily beat driven with the beautiful RnB vocals some of the sounds from the first track creep into this one nicely.

The album goes from beat driven RnB to more dreamy moments throughout the album, I actually prefer the more RnB sounds purely because the beats hes produced on this album are pretty cool. What I also liked about this album were the vocals they of course were really strong and definitely hit a strong RnB influence most of the time. One moment that was really more electronic was the track Shield & Sword, if anything it shows that hes good enough to make song of both genres. I felt like the track Hanging on shows off the best Active Child has on this album, strong beat, beautiful vocals and nice touches of electronic pieces thrown in there to make the songs beautiful, experimental and overall great.

I do like this and found most songs at least enjoyable, but there are some stale moments on this album, High Priestess and Ivy were a couple of tracks I didn't care for at all. Also the fact he didn't just do RnB leaves me wishing he did as he has done that so well on this album, even with this in mind its still a solid release.

Overall this is a solid album by Active Child, the beats/ electronic music throughout this album is really good, the vocals are amazing nd soar to beautiful heights throughout the album. With that being said its clear to me that he is great at doing RnB songs and I would prefer he make more of these. The album is strong but is at times stale and kind of whatever which are only minor errors in a good album.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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