Monday, September 19, 2011

Album Review: Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls

This is the first album for surf rock band Veronica Falls, I had heard of these guys a few months back and found three tracks which ended up on various compilation albums those tracks were Beachy Head, Found Love In A Graveyard and Starry Eyed. Only Beachy Head and Found Love In A Graveyard made this album, one that had some catchy moments.

The album starts with one of the three tracks I had heard before this album was released, Found Love In A Graveyard, this song is catchy as hell and got stuck in my head pretty quickly. I love the uptempo surfer pop that this song has and subsequently the rest of album. The interaction between the male and female vocalist is solid and mixes it up perfectly, while combining some nice surf rock riffs with some slightly alt rock ones.

The next track Right Side Of My Brain is a nice fun track, these songs definitely have a summer feel and aren't surf pop albums even slightly similar to Vivian Girls - Share The Joy or Best Coast's Crazy For You. this album is far more in your face than those while still being dreamy as fuck the songs are much more adventurous instrumentally allowing for songs to not really being similar to those before them.

Stephen is a track I really enjoy on this album, I love the bass line being so high on the mix and dual vocals are perfectly worked into this song. This as a slower song on the album works so well, the summery riffs that get incorporated and just the general care for the instruments to blossom on this and almost every other song on the album.The other of the three which were on compilations that made this album Beachy Head and this too is catchy as fuck, definitely the most surf rock song on the album, also one of the best on this album.

This album has moments of tiredness, while finding a way to be more instrument influenced in this summer album they still at times seem a little boring after a while. Thankfully at less than 40 minutes this album doesn't get too boring and still keeps with you till the end with what is still a solid surf rock album with a handful of quality tracks.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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