Monday, September 5, 2011

Album Review: Kimbra - Vows

Until about a week or so ago I had never heard of Kimbra, I was then shown this female vocalist and her talent over Facebook. After hearing a single song I was immediately prompted to listen to more and as I had heard the whole album was out on the internet I grabbed it straight away. This is Kimbra's first album and the New Zealand born artist based in Australia has certainly shown on this album she has a weird taste in what it she wants to sound like.

The album starts with the track Settle Down this is one of the best on the album the music behind this is great, this combined with Kimbra's quirky sounding voice at times makes this a strong track to start with. Another aspect I picked up which I really liked was the really sweet, soft vocal parts she reminded me of another New Zealand Vocalist I've been digging recently Ruby Frost, maybe its helped by the accent.

The more I listen to this album the more I'm reminded of one of my favourite albums from last year Janelle Monae's ArchAndroid. The full sound on that and the different kind of beats/instruments like horns on both give it that feel. This isn't Monae status which isn't necessarily a disappointment as this is still great stuff. She shows off a slower less beat driven track in Two Way Street which has a beautiful surround of music while Kimbra really goes deep lyrically.

I found that this album looks at breaking into different genres throughout, some quality pop tracks on here but genre's like rnb and soul gets moments into this album. The album during the middle slows down but the overally quirkiness of the the album is not lost this is due in part to Kimbra's voice and the continued progressive of different but interesting beats keeping it altogether. I found the last track on the album The Build Up was my favourite its slow patient and beautiful from start to finish.

This is really cool although the fact I compared some of it to a lesser ArchAndroid made this lesser to that phenominal album. I also at times was a little confused by the mess it became track to track the more listens of it though allowed me to appreciate that and realise it was more of an element to the album.

Overall this is a solid album, the music behind it is full, different, experimental and very much interesting if you enjoyed ArchAndroid last year then some of these songs you'll definitely appreciate. Kimbra's quirky sound explores throughout the album and her voice is just so sweet.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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