Thursday, September 1, 2011

Album Review: The Weeknd - Thursday

So we have another release from The Weeknd, we've already had House Of Balloons earlier this year which I liked quite a bit (review here). That album was a surprise to me, I didn't expect to like it but there was so much to it I liked that was from a sound I've never really enjoyed. Don't worry no Weeknd on the weekend jokes this time or Rebecca Black related get down on Thursday jokes (I haven't heard the song, the Friday one that is) But yeah I'm doing a review of an album called Thursday on a...THURSDAY pretty smart huh?

Anyway to the album again this is so chill much like the last album starting with Lonely Star we are met with a sample and a solid beat with the killer vocals entering (I guess I'll refer to him as Weeknd). Weeknd's vocals are really really dreamy on this album but to me the beats are still the most important part of this album. As I guy I work with said "vocals are the most overrated part of music", I kind of agree with him.

Some of the beats are hit and miss on this album and the track Life Of The Party is one of these for me, I mean they're cool but the beat forces a different type of vocal delivery one I didn't enjoy as much. Not to mention the overall beat is just a little to plain at times apart from the chorus. The best part of this album to me is The Birds Part 1 and Part 2 which are my favourite tracks on the album. The intro to Part 1 is bad ass and the power the song builds up to near the end with a mere slow acoustic fade out which works perfectly. Part 2 also brings together another solid beat and unsurprisingly his voice continues to soar, I loved how the middle section kind of falls off and slowly brings itself back to what it was.

There are plenty more moments that I really enjoyed on this album, I quite enjoyed the acoustic being incorporated again in the song Rolling Stone. I also quite liked the final track on the album Heaven Or Las Vegas which is just  over the top at times and brings to end a solid album. I say thins is a solid album and while it is I found parts underwhelming and its definitely a step down from the last release.

Overall the album isn't as good as House Of Balloons but there are still some standout tracks that I enjoyed enough to enjoy this album overall. Tracks like The Birds Part 1 and 2 plus the end track Heaven Or Las Vegas are all quality, we still get the killer vocals and cool beats but at times lacks the really cool samples I liked on the last release.

Overall Release: 7/10

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