Monday, September 12, 2011

Album Review: Wilco - The Whole Love

The Whole Love is Wilco's eighth studio album, after the last album titled Wilco was released some people thought that this band was losing it a little. I never understood the criticism of that album cause I think that album is great (listened to it again after this and it still hasn't changed). For those of you who might have never heard of this band they're an alternative rock band from Chicago with only two members singer Jeff Tweedy and bassist John Stirrat being the only remaining original members.

One thing that is obvious on this and every other album by Wilco is that Jeff Tweedys voice is just great, its sweet and works so well with their sound. The album starts with the track Art As Almost which is introduced with electronics something the band has incorporated many times before. This track explores sounds really well, Tweedy's voice is heard very little on this track and I loved when the drums build up after the 5 minute mark and we get some great guitar sounds from Nels Cline.

I forgot to mention I had the chance to catch these guys last year and it was an incredible gig, everything they did that night was beautiful. Nels Cline killing it on guitar really getting into it while Jeff Tweedy confronted an annoying fan who was talking through their set. Probably the best show in terms of banter I've ever been to while the bass was being retuned we had Tweedy just look at the crowd and did an awkward sooo... Oh and getting the crowd to sing Jesus etc was amazing.

Anyway back to the album, I Might is the albums first single and I feel like its a good choice as the track is a strong poppier alt rock track. It's definitely an acessible track for the listener while the country alternative sounds of Dawned On Me are really strong. Black Moon is such a powerful slow track on the album the way the music just improves everything on the song, the sounds produced with Tweedy producing a spot on vocal performance as the track just dissappears at the end.

As you can tell I really dig this album tracks like Black Moon and Open Mind are a couple of brilliant slower tracks on this album and show off that side of the band so well. While tracks like I Might and Standing O show off the modern rock edge that this band has and has in abundance. The band also has the ability to show an experimental rock side as well with the opening track Art As Almost and the album finale (personal favourite also)  One Sunday Morning. The band has such versatility without ever really distancing itself from the sound that this band has become known for and what has made them successful.

Obviously theres very little to me thats wrong with this album if anything and I'm struggling at this point is that the album doesn't produce any instant classics. Theres no Jesus etc or I Am Trying TO Break Your Heart on this album but instead theres still an album full of really strong tracks.

Overall this is a fuckin great album and I'm definitely in agreeance with the bots face himself that this album is the best since Yankee Foxtrot Hotel. Tweedy again does it vocally while the rest of the band continues to create beautiful music and a band I would love to see again.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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