Monday, September 26, 2011

Look I'm A Rugby Expert

Yeah no music related blog today, although I can give you a quick review, heard the new Lou Reed Metallica track and it sucks.

This shall be about the rugby it has consumed NZ, well most people I still remember the first opening match of the tournament, I was at work and got the pub for the second halfhad a few beers with some guys from work and don't remember watching the game. One thing I can tell you is I've probably seen less than 80 minutes worth of the World Cup so far cause nothing matters that much so far.

The Minnows

They're always great to have at the world cup cause we all need a few teams to make up the numbers. When they face off we even get the chance to see why both teams blow but with neither team being embarassed on the scoreline.

Top sides beating up on minnows

These games mean nothing to top sides, anyone that reads into anything from these games is an idiot.

Players worth mentioning

Cory Jane:
Justin Marshall admitted he was wrong this morning but again, pretty good player huh?

Sonny Bill Williams:
People don't think he should've made the All Blacks, but aren't willing to name someone to replace him. Just stfu hes just impact off the bench.

Adam Thompson:
Heard he played well at number 8, surprised he didn't replace Jane on the wing though...

Ronan O'Gara:
Dude knows how to finish a game when in front, pretty good for an old man

New Zealand Vs France

Was anyone actually surprised we dominated? WE'RE FUCKIN NEW ZEALAND we are the best in the world no shitty pack of frogs are going to be able to touch us, if anything they were lucky it was that close.

Samoa Ain't A Threat

I know its like a thing that commentators like to build up the opposition so people watch but Samoa aren't going top upset anyone, they ain't that good. Merely the best of a bunch of average Pacific nations

Argentina The Overrated

Nice solid International side, but don't expect them to be within 20 of the All Blacks

No Need To Worry

We will win the world cup its as that easy, no team is near good enough to beat us. I ain't jinxing shit cause only people worried about losing care for that. We'll walk it, unless of course the country continues to be scared of being confident in our side taking it.

Finally my ranking of rugby writers so far:
1.every writer except Justin Marshall
20,000. Justin Marshall

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