Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tour Rumours

I'm sick as fuck so haven't listened to anything, but I have dragged myself out of bed for this here blog. I thought what was there I could talk about off the top of my head that takes only a small amount of research...RUMOURS!!!!

Anyway I've decided to at least attempt to start my own as most sites do without any idea of them being true (Blink 182 aren't playing Big Day Out sorry)

Big Day Out rumours

this year someone has made a twitter account leaking the bands he had been sent in an email, now some are obviously going to believe him/hope they're true cause they like what they see.

Rumoured band 1 - System Of A Down

Now I think this band blows, always have, always will but it does make some sense for them to tour on Big Day Out. BDO love recycling bands and they would easily take the second to last spot on the main stage (like Rammstein this year)

Rumoured band 2 - Odd Future

Before the spy released this there had already been a strong clue to suggest they'll be here thanks to Hodgy Beats tweet a while back.

Rumoured band 3 - Radiohead

Seriously when did BDO decide to bring over a truly great band as their headliner? it's been a while since a strong headline act (probably the first time Tool came over) was announced. You could almost sell this thing out in Auckland (almost cause NZ fans are terrible when  it comes to going to shows). But my only problem is why now?

Rumoured band 4 - Soundgarden

Everyone had Soundgarden headlining this year and they were wrong, why? because Tool were signed up before Soundgarden had even got back together. So why not this year? makes sense another recycled band that would surely have people wanting to see them.

Laneway Festival

I've only read one rumour for Laneway and that's Battles which would be great, Gloss Drop is a really strong album. Expect this to be filled with bands such as Destroyer, The Horrors, Girls or similar.

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