Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Album Review: The Drums - Portamento

The Drums are back with another album, just over a year since their Self titled was released theyv'e given us an album titled Portamento. The retro indie pop rock band from Brooklyn is a band I've even seen live, opening for Florence and The Machine I found them to be a very fun band they looked to really enjoy what they were doing. This album is further progression and maturity from the last release and earlier EP releases.

As I said its definitely a more mature and clean cut release, the sound is very similar to the last album and it doesn't seem like they're interested in moving away from this pop sound. Book Of Revelation is a strong start to the album the song is smooth as fuck and still shows them to be the band people loved from the earlier stuff (or disliked). You almost instantly get a feeling that this band has certainly grown alot over the last year musically and this has allowed for much more mature sounding songs.

One part of this album I love is the fact they've kept that surfer pop edge they had to them. Obviously the track I wanna Go Surfing off self titled was one that made clear they were interested in this route, but more the sound on that album had its moments. I found that even the track like Days had the lazy summer surf pop sound in it which was helped along by the minimal instrument sounds that accompany this album.

Another aspect of this album that is great is the album is just full of fun tracks, the songs are great to listen to minimal upbeat tracks that are brought together by the sweet vocals of Jonathan Pierce. He once again does sound great and combining that with some much mature lyrics allows this album to surpass the last. While the maturity is apparent it is great they aren't too mature and allow the fun to continue on, particularly with my favourite and single from the album Money. When this was released early it was almost like an assurance by the band that they were going to sound almost exactly the same and that the fun times would continue.

Obviously this album is one I like but it can be a little bland after a while with the tracks being so similar at times and at 51 minutes can be a little too much to listen to. They're all solid pop tracks thyat not only liken themselves to surf pop and retro pop with some success.

Overall this is a solid album and definitely a slight improvement on the last album. This is a pretty simple album and if you dug the last album then you should enjoy this one as it keeps to a similar formula to the last. At the end of the day its jsut a fun album to li9sten to in the sun.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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