Thursday, September 8, 2011

Album Review: Laura Marling - A Creature I Don't Know

This is folk singer song writer Laura Marling's third album and the first I've heard, I had heard of her but when I saw her new album was released I thought now was the time to give her a shot. At only 21 and releasing her third album she has already a nice body of work behind her at such a young age which leads me to think one thing she must have some talent.

The album starts with the track The Muse which almost immediately reminds me of Norah Jones who while talented isn't a musician I'm interested in. However as the album strays away from that and isn't just a straight BAS album, the next track I Was Just A Card which incorporates horns to begin the track and slowly builds to show more instrumentation to allow a much more full folk sound to the song.

I found this album was really nice, not over the top for a folk album if anything really straight and simple to enjoy, Laura's vocals are really nice and the whole album goes over really pleasant. I think she suits a real subtle sound as her voice is very tame and soft which meant the track The Beast was just a little weird as the raw electric guitar riffs were kind of over the top of everything and didn't to me work at all.

While I prefer the fuller folk tracks I found as the album went on the BAS tracks suited Marling more, particularly Rest In Bed which had a cool darker atmosphere to the track something that wasn't as apparent on the rest of the album. My favourite song on this album is Don't Ask Me Why the third track on this album, with a slow start the track sways along and changes up nicely a few times while being just overall a beautiful track.

Now while Marling has an incredible voice and the songs are pleasant overall its just a solid album, with a bunch of nice sounding tracks. This album just doesn't do enough to be something I'll be listening to a lot in the future as there aren't any tracks that are memorable.

Overall this is a nice album but nothing to go crazy about, Marling obviously has talent and at 21 the future is still bright. Her voice is beautiful her songs a repretty sweet sounding and theres a nice subtle folk element to most tracks on this. It's just a shame that nothing on this album really stands out and keeps it from being something great.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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