Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Album Review: Kasabian - Velociraptor

Velociraptor is album four from the band from Leicester Kasabian, when I heard they were calling their new one Velociraptor I immediately thought wtf would they be calling it that. I was a late starter in liking this band, I never really dugthe first two albums apart from the odd track on them, I did however really like West Ryper Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

Usually when I listen to a new album from a band I've heard before I go in without any expedctations of what I'm going to hear. There might be an early release single or two which wet the appetitie but with this one I don't think I listened to it (Switchblade Smiles). I did however watch an interview of theres and they talked about being more electronically influenced on this album which I found quite interesting. Early in this album we have none of this electronic influence the opening track Lets Roll Just Like We Used To is a pretty safe Kasabian track solid album opener but doesn't have the impact of say Underdog off the last one.

The album does have a bit of a retro feel to it particularly Days Are Forgotten and Goodbye Kiss. Goodbye Kiss is a really nice slower track with some great orchestral backing, overall its just a really sweet track. after these the album starts to creep into electronic territory with the subtle keyboard that is brought into La Free Verte, this is a nice pleasant  song but not what I'm looking for on this album. After hearing the strong run at the beginning of the last album and tracks like Fire and Vlad The Impaler later on I was hoping for something to match it in terms of quality it doesn't do it like that. However at the halfway stage and the track Velociraptor comes in we get some of the less serious funner tracks I like about Kasabian, borderline dance music at times.

This is the introduction to the album of tronic music and its something i had expected to hear much earlier. The most obvious tronic influence in this album is that of I Hear Voices which is pretty minimal throughout and keyboard lead throughout, pretty chill sounding track but nothing special. It seems like every album by these guys has a big arena rock anthem that the fans will go crazy over, the first had Club Foot, the second Shoot The Runner, the third Fire. This album is no different with the track Switchblade Smile one that will surely get people going crazy live, a really cool track if less rock than the previous ones.

I guess I have mentioned throughout some dislikes as a few of the tracks fell a little lame on me but what is still there is that swagger of we're the best around Tom Meighan has in his vocals hes really the part of this band I love the most. Wiht this in mind I feel like this is still a strong release cause nothing is bad, some really good, the rest good.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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