Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Album Review: Cansei De Ser Sexy - La Liberacion

It seems as though in terms of releases this band had gone completely off the map, with the band being around eight years this is only the bands third full length album. The last album Donkey was truly bad unlike the first album titled CSS which while I'm not a massive fan of has at least a couple of tracks I really love (Off The Hook, Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above). I guess what really brought me back to this band was the fact I caught them at this years Big Day Out Festival and one thing was for certain at that show they were all about having a good time playing.

This album thankfully isn't Donkey, the songs on this are much better than that, but at the same time I don't really enjoy the songs more than I did on CSS. The album starts with the track I Love You which is one of the best on this album, it really is a CSS kind of song, heaps of keyboard, full on party type song but without it having to be high tempo throughout. This song is borderline weird at times which is great cause I find CSS to be a little weird in lyrical content and sound so at least they haven't strayed from what they have already done.

The song on this that is easily my favourite is Hits Me Like A Rock the song has a cool Brazilian/Caribbean feel for almost the whole track until the back end of the track which features the bit that really makes it my favourite. The weird moustache man gets in and then the acoustic guitar makes this song mo better. While I liked the acoustic in that track I felt like the band moved further away from their unique and became more indie pop at times. I still think that theres some really nice tracks  on here You Can Have It All which I think is signature CSS is great. While La Liberacion the track is completely different in its guitar heavy indie track that has Portuguese lyrics that is easily its most rocking track to date.

I found the top half of this album great however the second half was at times a little "meh" tracks like Partners In Crime, Ruby Eyes and Rhythm To The Rebels to be boring indie pop tracks that lend almost nothing to the rest of the album. A shame because up until this point in the album there was very little that I thought was anything near a bad track. The album ends with Fuck Everything which brings the album back to what the band are known more for, having fun and not giving a shit.

Overall this is a solid album by CSS, theres definitely some cool tracks on the album and if you are already a fan of them you'll probably dig this one. It's if anything a slight drop on their self titled release but will still bring for the most part the fun and weird sound that they have made their own.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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