Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Don't Support Auckland Teams

Third day in a row I've neglected the music reviewing this week (I promise tomorrow I'll do one on the new Mastodon album) if you want some music I heard the new Yuck track and I thought it was pretty nice. But before I go back to music I'm going to pick up on something that's also sweeping New Zealand, the Auckland Warriors. Now I'm not going to take anything away from them making the grand final for only the second time in their history so I'll just say well done.

Now the bandwagon is starting to get pretty full, with the already tr00 fans (congrats), the usual bunch of "I've always been a big fan" but not big enough to admit it and those that are just excited by what they see as a "New Zealand" team doing well.

Before anyone bothers to tell me this is a "New Zealand" team just stfu cause it isn't, they rarely play games outside of Auckland (pre season doesn't count) and large parts of the teams are from Auckland. I've never been one to support one of my rivals (unless it favoured my team and even then it felt wrong) so what is a rival city Auckland I'm not going to start supporting. Australian provincial teams aren't real rivals to New Zealand provinces so yeah I did support the Reds against The Crusaders in the Super Rugby final (much to the anger of some watching with me).

Now my quick breakdown of the grand final

The Halfbacks:

Shaun Johnson

I must give the Warriors credit for holding back a certain superstar in Johnson for as long as they did because it wazs the right thing to do. Now hes ready to hit the big time and hes obviously shown that hes the real deal.

Dale Cherry-Evans

Forced to find another new Halfback after Hodkinson left and this guy has shone, he has great players around him already in Farrar, the Stewarts, Lyon that have made this really easy and another star has been made.

Trent Hodkinson

Manly would like to thank the Bulldogs for taking him off their hands, looking like a great signing for the Bulldogs...

The Coaches

Ivan Cleary

Cool, calm, collected

Des Hasler

Looks like a throwback to the 80's and 90's with that hair, pretty angry man in the coaches box


Don't worry this is in the right place, seeing as this sport is supposed to be faster than rugby union is there any chance they could also stop being robots? lets see players swap positions to confuse the other robot side, not always kick on tackle 5 and I dunno perhaps not bomb it in the corner to try score.


I don't really care, I'm sure a lot of NZer's will, which is why I've put $5 on the Warriors to win, theres always third time lucky.

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