Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sorbo's Easter Sunday Special Album Review: The Weeknd - House Of Balloons

Cot Dam (/Varun "Faggot" Sablok) it's the weekend and I'm reviewing an album by a band called "The Weeknd" hahahahahaaahahahaaha....(don't worry I didn't actually laugh about that) Also it's Easter Sunday, so Happy Easter to you all and here is your Easter treat from Sorbo another album review and an album that is certainly interesting and different.

This album is full of intriguing beats, I feel like this album is another great beats before vocals album. Nicolas Jaar's Space is Only Noise (1. Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise) is another that does this so well, don't expect this to be too similar to that though, cause this has a more slow jams/hip hop feel to it. After my top ten hip/hop albums post you should know I have mad love for the instrumental aspect of hip hop music and this has some great beats in amongst it all.

I've never been a slow jams fan, mostly because I don't care for Chris Brown, Neyo and all the other stupid commercialised faggots who put out boring music about the same chick album after album. This album moves away from being lead by the straining/sad vocals and concentrates of the music behind it and the vocals are there for the extra layer that brings it all together.

House Of Balloons at 50 minutes could be a lot to digest but the keeps you interested at every moment in the album, something that isn't very easy to achieve, but the large amount of different beats and electro noises work perfectly. A stand out track early on for me is track 3 Glass Table Girls, so much going on with the electro beats, the drum beat a little more buried behind this but not in any way being a negative.

I'm a sucker for a Beach House sample and thankfully for this album it has two, firstly track 6 The Party & The After Party sampling Master Of None and then later on with track 8 Loft Music incorporating my favourite Beach House song Gila into it.

Overall this album is great, so much going on musically and a great layer of smooth vocals produces an album that keeps me forever listening right until the end, it's hard to see the hate for this. Unless of course you don't want people sampling Beach House.

Rating: 8/10

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