Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey, I Need New Music Recommend Something For Me?

No, don't worry I'm not asking you to rec me some bands, that's the last thing I want...this post is on those stupid/lazy facebook stati that you get from people who are bored of the music they already have. I've seen this a few times and never have I given a serious recommendation (wait I think I rec'd Cut Copy once, good rec by the way!).

So now after writing the first paragraph, I've decided  that I'm going to turn this into a quick recommendation post of a bunch of different bands with yout00b videos to accompany these.

Cut Copy - Out There On The Ice
Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Electronic

The 2nd Cut Copy album is still my favourite and this track is the best they got, I still think this would go down well at a party, pretty bangin tune and not a bad way to start the discovering of Cut Copy.

The Strokes - Reptilia
Indie Rock

Before I talk about the song or the band, there will be those who ask for music rec's that haven't heard of The Strokes, so that's why they're on here, great track to start you off, after this you can just head to the album Is This It cause that's when shit will get real.

Kylesa - Scapegoat
Swamp/Sludge Metal

For those that prefer music in the heavier variety, this could really interest you, not the biggest name in the metal community but slowly building quite the following. The explosiveness of this track should get you head banging hahd, the rest of this album should help you along to really digging them.

Burial - Shell Of Light

I've been pretty critical of Dubstep in recent times, mainly it's cause of the annoying wub wub burrrrrb burrrrb noises attached to shitty remixes with PHAT bass. The other reason is because it's now ingrained in "bro" culture (I'll touch on this further at a later date) Anyway Burial is the only dubstep artist I care for so check this shit out bros.

Yuck - The Wall
Alternative Rock

Now for all you 90's Alternative fags, this band has really been a favourite of mine this year, Yuck's second album intitled "Yuck" is great and The Wall is probably the top of the bunch, though after this you'll probably want to check the rest out, which you should cause it's great.

Noisia - Split The Atom
Drum and Bass

Here's something that's for anyone into electronic music and something Drum and Bass fans might just fall in love with, the whole album also called Split the Atom is phenomenal, one I'm sure many will struggle to stop listening to, cause I one stage I did.

Foals - Red Sock Pugie
Indie Pop, Generic Indie Rock

The first Foals album was definitely dancey as fuck when it comes to Indie Rock and this is without a doubt the most dancey of them all, sure to be a fun track for those that enjoy Indie, but aren't big dance music fans.

Zola Jesus - Tower
Noise Pop

Cot Dam her voice is so sweet and for some reason when I first heard her I was reminded of Florence and the Machine, the voice more than the music behind it. This is much more moody and in no way similar to the music Florence sings over, still though the voice comparison should be enough for Florence fans to fall in love with Zola Jesus.

Tyler, The Creator - French
Rap/Hip Hop

I've already gushed over my Tyler, The Creator love and he's so close to being the next big thing in the rap game, his first album titled Bastard had some really nice stuff, French beiong close to my favourite. His new album is being released in the next month and if all goes to plan he and the rest of Odd Future are probably going to be massive.

Lawrence Arabia - Apple Pie Bed
Summery Indie Pop

Seriously this ended up my summer anthem, sure summers ending over hurr, but still check this shit out, its amazing. Little old Lawrence Arabia from New Zealand has been round a while now and I only heard his stuff early this year at Laneway Festival for the first time. This track cemented his set as incredible.

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