Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Ups Tuesday 26/04/11

Another Tuesday and it's a chance for you all to read about all the positive things I have to say about music, after all I ONLY CRITICISE MUSIC, I HATE EVERYTHING. Now we have that out of the way let me start with some more positive thoughts.

Big Ups 1. New Zealand Police

So I read an article here about Tiki Taane considering leaving the country, due to a recent arrest. For those that don't know who he is, youtube him, you'll probably find an acoustic track that got him famous in  "Always On My Mind" not a fan to be honest but some were.

If he does leave us thank you thank you NZ Police.

Big Ups 2. The Winter Weather

Today was probably the first tr00 day of winter, on my walk to work it was borderline freezing, this may seem shit but now I can go back to listening to Sunn 0))) - Black One multiple times a week cause it just sounds better in the cold.

Big Ups 3. Payday = Vinyl day!

Pay Day is really tomorrow but I'm already excited, things on the menu this week are The already purchased (waiting to be delivered) LP by The Primitives - Lovely and myself preordering Tyler, The Creator - Goblin. These are only the tip of the iceberg as I plan to make another trip to Real Groovy with myself more than likely walking out with something.

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