Friday, April 8, 2011

Album Review: The Middle East - I Want That You Are Always Happy

The new album from Australian Indie/Folk group The Middle East can best be described by me as "errrr alright" this is the bands second album but the first of there's I've checked out so it was going to be interesting to hear what this bands sound is like.

The first impressions didn't give me that much interest, the songs were a little slow and boring with the idea of spending just over an hour listening to this didn't seem all that appealing any more. Thankfully track 4 titled Jesus Came To My Birthday Party was a great change, the male/female dual vocals are great and the up tempo beat really gets you into the song showing that this band has something that will grab the listener. The messier instrument breaks are also quite nicely incorporated, while the fading out of the song definitely helped make this my favourite song on the album.

Three more strong tracks in Land Of The Bloody Unknown, Very Many and Sydney To Newcastle followed to continue a strong resurgence in the album for me. Sydney To Melbourne particularly nice with it being a great piano interlude, just a shame there was no bogan reference as we all know Newcastle is just a bogan hick town. What comes next is probably my second favourite on the album in Mount Morgan, shows off some great BAS its gloomy, yet fullish sound makes this an incredible track through headphones with much more than just an acoustic guitar being played.

The album unfortunately stalls after this, which is a shame and only shows any glimpses of something promising in the ten minute track Deep Water. All inbetween seems like boring album filler stuff that could've easily been rid of and made this not only a strong album, but one that doesn't show any signs of lag. Unfortunately with the incorporation of these tracks the album goes on far too long and makes myself borderline sleepy.

Overall promising album, some great stuff, some bad stuff, some boring stuff

Overall Rating: 7/10

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