Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Album Review: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead - Tao Of The Dead

This albums been out for a while now, but I've only just gotten round to giving it a listen and to be quite honest I wish I had got to this sooner as its another great release by these dudes. I hadn't gotten back into listening to these guys again till recently when I gave Source Codes and Tags a listen for the first time since Nam' I forgot how much a really dig this band, the guitars are bombastic and the drums intertwine so well with everything. Once I realised they had a new album I was pretty excited by what they had next, the problem was I couldn't stop listening to Source Codes and Tags to give it a first listen.

Now to the album, it's such an explosive album, like others they have produced with Prog rock elements throughout at times it cruises over different types of rock music. If it isn't a small riff that reminds me of classic Rolling Stones, its hitting the Progressive sound that wouldn't be out of place in a Tool track and some quality Alternative rock sound included. The band has done so well in keeping with the signature sound, but at the same time moving in a different direction to at least make it sound a little different to what other offerings have served up.

The Guitars are again magic, the real showcase of the band in my opinion, there really isn't any particular track that stands head and shoulders above the bunch, this is a complete album, one that flows perfectly throughout. As I've said the songs are great the only small criticism I have is while the songs are all really good, none of the songs reach the level that my favourite Source Codes and Tags hits, it's a shame, but at the same time the album is still immense and shouldn't be seen as a disappointment  at all.

Overall this is a pretty good album that will definitely get more listens in the near future, an old fan of these guys should definitely check this shit out cause it's worth it.

Overall Rating 8/10

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