Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini...Reviews!!!!

Aight so first half of the semester is over and now I can go back to spending my afternoons and nights listening to music. Even if I've cut my listening down this week i still had the chance to give a few albums a listen so I've decided to do some more mini reviews.

Sonny and The Sunsets - Hit After Hit

Oh lawdy what the fuck is this thing, I'd never heard of this band before and as for some reason couldn't find out much about this album what so ever. Now to the album, this thing explores rock, indie and even surf rock, some of it is done well some not so well. The album opener is infectious titled She Plays YoYo With My Mind and has an almost monotone vocals which is pretty solid. I kind of get a poor mans Best Coast vibe without a chick singer, the singer isn't a reason of dislike though, he does a solid job. The album is short at 29 minutes so it's just a quick "hit".

Overall Rating: 6.5

Battles - Glass Drop

I gotta say first that this album leaked early as fuck, but I'm not complaining cause this is great. New album by super group Battles and its another great release, with similar weird sounds that they explored in Mirrored. At 54 minutes it worried me that this was going to go on forever, but surprisingly it felt a lot shorter as the album flew by very quickly. The weird sounds start immediately with Africastle, with track two Ice Cream's gay porn sounds being the most disturbing, however the weird sounds make this band that much more interesting. To me this is a slight improvement to the last one which I also liked, definitely be getting multiple listens in the near future.

Overall Rating: 8/10

The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave

This is the fifth album by indie rock duo The Raveonettes, its definitely different from the last album In and Out Of Control which was a lot more upbeat and fun. This album is Dream Pop as fuck (which I love by the way!), with a sadder mood throughout it's still really different and interesting, this has had a lot of listens recently and will continue to one of my favourites this yeah for sure. The stand out for me is track 8 Evil Seeds is completely different from the rest, less sadness but still mixes well with everything else, top stuff!.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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