Monday, April 4, 2011

LCD, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

Yesterday was the end of LCD Soundsystem, the brainchild of James Murphy which spawned into something a lot bigger than what he probably thought is now officially stopping with live shows. What a sad day it is for all those that discovered them and never got the chance to ever see them live, such a great band with great songs. With only 3 albums each one producing something great this band really brought the fanboy out of me which is a very rare feat to produce. Yeah, Movement, Tribulation, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House on their self titled release,  North American Scum, All My Friends, Get Innocuous, Us Vs Them from Sound Of Silver and finally I Can Change, You Wanted A Hit, Dance Yrself Clean, Home from their final release This Is Happening. To be honest there really isn't a bad song in the discography.

I had the pleasure of seeing LCD Soundsystem at this years Big Day Out Festival in Auckland (review of this here) to make it clear the set was near perfect for me, as soon as they were announced to be playing it wasn't a matter of hopefully going, more I can't wait to be there. The set started late due to technical difficulties and those that had been waiting all day to see this over everything else, it was getting to us. When Dance Yrself Clean kicked in so did my Fanboyness(its a, the emotion and large amount of singing/shouting that went on by me was to limits I'd never had imagined myself doing, but LCD Soundsystem brought that out of me and when All My Friends was played at the end, well it was nothing short of the greatest musical moment I have ever had, at this stage nothing has surpassed it and nothing probably will.

Now that it's over nothing can take those great memories I have from seeing them live, some of my favourite live memories, so thanks for that LCD Soundsystem.

So after seeing some of the vids on youtube from the Madison Square Garden Performance and hopefully a full CD/DVD release (supposedly its happening) I end with this:

LCD Soundsystem, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down 

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