Friday, April 22, 2011

Album Review: Cat's Eyes - Cat's Eyes

Sorbo doesn't believe that because most people have the day then so should he, thus I have another blog post for you, for some this might be the first read of this blog probably due to being so bored right now that you have decided this might make you less bored for just a few minutes. I'm sorry to inform you that you probably won't be any less bored, but if the small chance arises that you like this theres plenty more enlightening posts (and some less so) for you to make boring Friday...good...

Now to the album, I hadn't even heard Faris Badwan of the Horrors had another project in the works so while surfing rough trade looking at vinyl seeing an ad about pre-ordering this I immediately scoured the internet to find this release and thankfully it had leaked.

Before any fans of The Horrors get excited this sounds very little like either of the two albums which I do like a lot. This collaboration between himself and opera singer Rachel Zaffira under the moniker Cat's Eyes is extremely intrguing with two interesting voices. I hadn't heard of Zaffira's vocals before and this album definitely shows shes gtot quite the soft voice.

The album is more than just two intriguing voices, the music behind this is great so many dark sounds in amongst the album work incredibly with Faris' vocals ala Strange House (it still doesn't sound like The Horrors though). It starts off very evil sounding, before quickly turning sad and dark, with moments of boderline depression. The atmosphere on most tracks rule particularly track 7 Sooner Or Later shows is amazing while the static bass line throughout meshes so well. The albums dark sense throughout is greeted at track 8 by an almost victorious sounding end to the darkness, like the album is a long trek with track 8 being the success point in the album. You can tell as you go through that this album is a story from start to finish and both singers play this off really well.

The operatic sounds fill this album, but to those that aren't fans of opera music, don't worry they aren't over the top and work perfectly into the whole scheme that is in play. Zaffira shows off a more rockier number in Over You which reminds me early on as something that wouldn't be out of place on an album by The Charlatans. Thankfully it soon has its on spin to keep it with what has been happening throughout the album.

Overall this album is short but incredibly interesting, while this isn't something I usually would indulge in, having an association with a member from a band I'm a big fan of made this easy to give a go, also it's 29 minute length makes it almost impossible to turn down. Both singers do a great job and hopefully we see another Cat's Eyes release in the future, I certainly would give that a listen.

P.S. If one of these songs doesn't end up being on the intro to a James Bond movie it will be a true travesty.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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