Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Ups Tuesday 19/04/11

I do like to be negative about music and my interaction with it, whether it be bad albums, bands or weird annoying things people do with music like constantly changing the music which has been discussed already. So this post is going to be as positive as I can, so I'm going to try make this Big Ups Tuesday for all my positive music thoughts, listening's from the last week.

Big Ups 1: 
Coachella/Youtube/5 Gum

Coachella happened over the weekend and I've never been but thanks to Youtube, Coachella and 5 Gum they had a live webcast with 3 different channels showing bands play. I didn't get the chance to check out that many bands or many live but they did thankfully replay the acts after it was finished. Day 1 I caught Warpaint who were amazing in the sun, the chilled out music worked perfectly and the crowd really looked to be enjoying it. Following this I saw Ariel Pink's haunted Graffiti (another band I caught at Laneway Festival) who seem to have gotten even tighter as a band since I saw them in January. Twas a shame though Ariel got screwed over by a ridiculously quiet mic and he kind of pulled a tantrum on stage which some fans didn't like or really understand his frustration which is a shame cause of how good it was. He even refused to sing during Fright Night but we did get a great version of Round and Round a great track.

Day 2 I got the chance to check out Foals and they were pretty sweet, the band has a couple of incredible albums in Antidotes and Total Life Forever. The most recent Total Life Forever making up most of the set, but ending with Red Socks Pugie and Two Steps, Twice which to me are great Indie dance tracks sure to get the crowd going. this was only band I saw from day 2 as The Kills replay was on just a little too late for me.

Day 3 I caught The National walking off stage which was a shame, I switched over to see Ellie Goulding who I'd never bothered to listen to before today and was pleasantly surprised, her Elton John cover was great, as was the song which included a sample of the Kanye West song Power (0MG SHE SAMPLEZ A SAMPLE!!!!!) would trade again. Next up were The Strokes who I was sceptical about, but were amazing playing a lot of the hit songs and a few from the new album, killing it live for sure. Thankfully an encore of The National's set came on next and was great, ending with Terrible Love was one of the great Coachella moments for this year I think. Next up was Kanye and I only got the chance to see the first 3 songs but they were pretty over the top, the Pretentious Meter was off the charts for this one, no t going to explain it, just find it on youtube it was beyond great.

Since this post I've caught bits from Best Coast's and Death From Above 1979's day 3 sets and they were both pretty cool.

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