Monday, April 18, 2011

Band Revisited - Jay Reatard

Thinking of starting a weekly type of thing where I look back on a band I haven't listened to for a while, whether it be ten years or even a single year. I'll probably just go through the music I have and find something or you if you want recommend something and if I used to listen to it will blog about why I love it or even if I still do!

The other day I was watching the trailer to the Jay Reatard documentary (RIP Mang) why? I don't know and it got me thinking about revisiting his albums that I hadn't listened to since Nam' those being Blood Visions and Watch Me Fall. The documentary looks great and includes a couple of great quote from Jay "people think you have a certain amount of songs before you dry up or whatever, I tend to think it's amount of time, so I'm racing against the clock constantly" this meaning even more now he's gone.

The other "I'm convinced that at this point in life if I wouldn't of found music I'm sure I would've been a petty criminal" both of these show how important music is to so many people, the socially awkward ending up on stage producing great music but being socially incapable of communicating with the average dude.

Anyway the albums, Blood Visions is my favourite without a bad track to be seen, songs like My Shadow, Death Is Forming and Oh It's Such A Shame being my personal favourites. The quick modern-distorted-pop-punk-garage rock track are just amazing and hit you pretty hard throughout. The other album Watch Me Fall which seems like an appropriate name in relation to it being his last album is nearly as good as the first but has some incredible strong songs, using a similar formula with incredible energy without and a cracking finale in There Is No Sun. It's probably my favourite Jay Reatard song, his vocals are really sweet and the lyrics very strong making this softer song finish his final album even more beautiful. When the instrumental part ends and he merely sings "There Is No Sun...For Me" and the instruments slowly rise up again takes this song to another level. Again Beautiful.

Here's the trailer:

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