Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Put On Him, He's A Dick!!!

Another story from the drinking realm today, some might think I make some of this shit up cause I seem to have something relating to music happen weekly. I call this more luck than anything else, because my life isn't that interesting.

Anyway to the story, it's simple I was at a party and was trying to find something borderline acessible for all the ladies there that seem to only listen to Top 40 music, I chose Kanye's Power (from his latest album obviously), anyway it seemed to be going down a real treat with them until one of them who shall remain nameless because she also lost an argument badly to me, said "eww Kanye sucks he's a dick!" now my first reaction was fairly intoxicated was that how the fuck would she know whats good about music, after all by the looks of it the big music companies have total control of what she should like and listen to.

The second thought was what does that have to do with his music? after all errbody knows Kanye's a dick, hell even Kanye plays up the idea himself but if you just look at his music for what it is (that's music by the way!) then tell me whether it's good or not, I don't mind if you don't like his album if it's purely based on the album itself. But to pass judgement on the album based on something totally irrelevant to the music is something I not only don't agree with but shows how much of an idiot you are.

Now to finish on this story I should tell people that this girl after showing her feeling about Kanye, then went on to sing and dance to Chris Brown, now by her way of thinking she feels that beating up a female is alright. I didn't see the need to ask her this as I don't wish to risk being dumbed down further than I have already.

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