Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Band You Probably Should Have Listened To Sooner

Ever had bands, people have told you to listen to? or even bands you thought you'd dig but never got round to listening to them for no real reason other than you couldn't be bothered? well once again this has happened to me, this is a big reason why I try to keep up with releases from as many bands as possible just in case I hear a bands third, fourth, fifth album and it be my first experience in listening to them. While it might not be there classic album it gives you an idea of what to expect (sort of) from the rest of the discography after all its better late than never right?...RIGHT!?!?

A couple of bands that have done this to me recently are the new albums from Elbow and from PJ Harvey. I had heard bad things about PJ Harvey's last album and pretty positive stuff about her newest release Let England Shake, after the first listen I was blown away by how good it was and if you go back a few posts to my top 25 you'll see how much I like it, after the listen I felt partially embarrassed I hadn't listened to any of her older stuff, stuff that could be seen as better than this release. The similar situation happened with the new album from Elbow, heard it was great then saw how many other albums I'd missed before this.

So yeah basically the question is, have you ever shown up late to the party and totally felt stupid for not checking sooner? I know I have, the bands stated and the slowness of finally giving bands a chance (Husker Du being a prime example of taking forever to listen, but I'm still not gay)

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