Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't worry, Sorbo ain't advertising a gig here although David Kilgour is playing tonight at San Fran (someone go for me). Anyway I have another story for you, thankfully it's from another unfortunate person with poor music taste. She shall remain nameless (as always) but works in and around the same area as me, anyway this is thy story

So there are two girls at work talking about a gig she found out about, "Hey you should come up to Palmy and see this dubstep gig with me". Now at this stage for me is bad enough, I don't care for dubstep it's terribly lame music usually associated with bros that wear singlets, shutter shades and flat brim hats. Now back and this is when it hits the worst, "It's going to be really cool, its called filthy step" for me I'm trying not to burst into laughter for two reasons, its still dubstep and secondly filthy step has got to be up there as one of the lamest possible names to call something.

But looking back on this I think, how the fuck does the title of the event in anyway make this great? it went further where she had no idea who was performing at this event so she most definitely was basing her whole intention to drive 2 hours to a gig to see dubstep artists purely  for the reasoning of the title. Next week she'll be wanting to go see another gig cause its called "The Best Gig Ever...Seriously Believe The Title".

So to finish this appalling blog post, have you ever gone to a gig purely on the fact that it had a "cool" name? If so who was playing? why you went? did you enjoy it? and what was the name?


  1. I saw a flier once for Trans Am and The Fucking Champs. Didn't know who they were but was so impressed with the name I went and it was awesome.

  2. was that the name of the band? or the gig? that's a great band name is so.