Monday, October 17, 2011

Album Review: Feist - Metals

Metals is Leslie Feist's (known as Feist) fifth album and the first album in four years. The last time this indie pop/folk singer released an album was The Reminder an album I thought was pretty solid. Since this album has been released she has also been announced to be playing at Laneway Festival which I shall be attending. so I really wanted to check out what she has produced this time.

The album starts off with the track The Bad In Each Other, its slow with a strong drum beat leading the track as the vocals of Leslie Feist enter the track. They are unsurprisingly beautiful and as the other instruments enter the song, the sound is so much more full and interesting. Graveyard the second track on this starts off as pretty much a BAS track with again some strong vocals accompanying it. I really enjoyed how the song just over halfway through kind of died down before rising with the horns and again Feist's vocals soar out to end the song.

The beauty of this album is how well her voice mixes with the folk sounds behind it, the acoustic guitar, horns, the subtle drum beat, everything plays its part. The track How Come You Never Go There is weird for me, as I listen to it I feel like I've already heard this, just a little too samey for me. I track I really dug was A Commotion it was frantic at times, full of sound and a an upbeat track with life that isn't seen on this album up to this point. The Circle Married The Line has beauty in its string section all the way in the back of the mix but it adds enough to bring something different to those before it.

For the beauty in this album its almost just a nice folk album, the instruments that follow her voice make this a nice album to check out. The mix between both is stellar and contributes heavily to why I'm a fan of quite a few tracks on this album. If anything I felt at times the album was samey at one stage I thought I had already heard the song before it was even played which was awkward. However with that being said its still really cool.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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