Monday, October 17, 2011

Sorbos World Cup Blog, I'll Celebrate When We Lift The Cup

The Semi Finals are done, one with a fair amount of controversy and the other a total domination of the opposition. Now it is settled New Zealand vs France in the final, who would've thunk eh?

France v Wales

Alain Rolland
It wasn't a red card, reckless and dangerous but not intentional tackle, yellow at the most, end of

Well they certainly kept it close, even with the man advantage they looked very average throughout they'll definitely have to step up next weekend.

Alain Rolland
Such a shocking call to give Wales the penalty on halfway when the welsh player was so blatant in not letting go of the ball.

Its hard for me to feel sorry for them, sure they were unlucky in losing their captain so early on, forcing them to play with 14 for most of the match. But seriously stop dropping the ball.

Stephen Jones
Dropkick of the world cup

James Hook
Dude couldn't kick goals to save himself, terrible performance

Mike Phillips
The only player from Wales who looked dangerous, great try by the way!

They were so uninspiring that I really don't have a single player that shone from them, I guess they kicked at goal alright.

New Zealand v Australia

Piri Weepu
He wasn't lights out like last week, but when he came back on he was again cool as the other side of the pillow.

New Zealand Forward Pack
As I said they were the key to victory and they absolutely monstered the Australian pack for 80 minutes, there wasn't one poor performance they were my MOM.

Quade Cooper
I'm not a big fan of the constant jibes people are making post match, I had wished the crowd would boo him every time he got the ball though. Like at Phoenix games when Judas Shane Smeltz would return every touch he got booed.

Cory Jane
Catching high balls fo dayz

The Scrum
Australia were raped

Sonny Bill Williams
What an idiot, although it doesn't surprise me this isn't the first time hes done it in rugby.

Quade Cooper
He really does try too hard sometimes, he doesn't have to do something spectacular every time let the game flow pick your spots, he'll get there.

Aaron Cruden
Unsurprisingly composed as always, didn't try too much and had a strong kicking game. Played smart thats all he'll have to do again and also some strong defensive work.

David Pocock
If Australia had a chance he had to play big, its not that he had a bad day, he just wasn't allowed to (by the New Zealand forwards) to steal the ball.

The All Blacks
Don't start celebrating yet, we ain't won shit

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