Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorbo Wednesday Sports: A Groin Injury Free Zone

Another Wednesday and another attempt by me to combine some wit with the goings on of the recent week of sports. Again its been a busy week that rugby world cup is still chugging along and the A League has just begun its season.

Piri Weepu
Cool as the other side of the pillow

The All Blacks
Are going to win the world cup

Wellington Phoenix
Solid start with the draw and so so close to opening the season with a win, now they need to kick on and beat the Jets this weekend at home.

Colin Slade
The man seriously is made of glass

Cory Jane
He went out drinking, isn't he supposed to score four tries in his next game?

Chris Greenacre
3 seasons with the Phoenix and has opened the scoring for us in each season, who says we need some fancy striker when we Greenacre my lord, Greenacre.

Piri Weepu Again
Now I'll freely admit I'm bias when it comes to Weepu (Wainui reprezent) but  are those people who have followed his career really that surprised? I mean the dude is mentally as strong as anyone out there, most would've quit in the same position he was put in when dropped before the last world cup. But he toiled away and deservedly is getting the plaudits from all of New Zealand after an almost perfect kicking performance on Sunday night.

Just put them on your back

Wellington Hurricanes
This years back line is starting to turn into the All Blacks back line

Aaron Cruden
Hey..uh.. we're short...wanna play first five?

Came on and showed himself to be better in attack for the All Blacks than Slade, but this weekend his kicking will have to be spot on. Thankfully hes surrounded with players he knows, a shitload of experience and the fact when you have a kicking halfback he has less pressure on him.

Minnesota Vikings
1-4 sounds pretty good right now, Adrian Peterson continues to show why hes still the best running back in the league. But still its time for Ponder

Hyundai A League
So I only got one result correct in my predictions, but its all good people I'll get them all right this week.
nix v jets - nix
Adelaide v melbin - melbin
ccm v no fans united - ccm
sidknee v roar - roar
heart v perf - perf

Fantasy Football
Another victory for me taking me to 3-2 on the season, going into Monday night football I had one player left to his none and was 19 points behind and got it.

Jahvid Best
fo lyfe

Stephen Donald
Now I understand people are angry hes in the All actually I have no idea why people are angry because who else do you pick? Brett? pass Delaney? pass Sopoaga? pass. Hes the best of whats left so stfu about the moaning and having a fourth string first five come in who has lead an All Blacks team to victory over Australia isn't the worst case I've ever seen.

World Cup prediction
All Blacks v Wales final

How could I forget the funniest man on twitter

NBA cancels first two weeks of regular season games. Not to be outdone, the Miami Dolphins plan to cancel the next 3 months.
Aaron Rodgers makes being a professional quarterback look so easy. Not Kardashian sister "easy", but easy.
Oklahoma leads Texas by so much, even Tony Romo couldn't blow this lead.

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