Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Carter WeTrust...Wait No Slade We...Seriously? Wednesday Sorbo Sports

I always had only two things I'm consistently interested in, music and sports so after last week when I did three days of sports blog posts I decided on one thing. Maybe I'll try implement Wednesdays as sport and four days of music, I dunno I guess we'll see how this plays out.

Dan Carter Goooooooooooooooooooooone
Dan Carter is gone from the world cup, but don't fear everyone we have COLIN SLADE at the helm now. I don't expect him to be anything like Carter but if he can play confidently and steer what is a quality backline round then we will still win it. If not then Weepu will do it.

The All Blacks
Will still win the world cup

Minnesota Vikings
Losing to Kansas City!?!? hitting new lows, seriously bring in Ponder and tell McNabb he might as well retire.

Auckland Warriors
Unlucky, Auckland mourns, I saw my favourite vocalist perform instead of watching and it was beautiful

Buffalo Bills
I said last week you were fo real and then you lose to a rookie quarterback that isn't Cam Newton WTF I had you guys in my multi bet and out of ten picks were the only one I got wrong.

Fantasy Football
back to .500 even if I had Vick 20+ points and Beanie Wells 30 points on my bench, they'll get a start this week.

New York Yankee
Are going to be eliminated tonight, Forza Detroit

Quarter Final Picks
South Africa
New Zealand
Don't put money on it, I'm not

Hyundai A League
Begins this weekend!!!! with the Phoenix so far behind in terms of sorting their squad it could be tough early on, but the basis of a side that made the playoff is still there.

My Picks For This Weeks Games
Sidnee v Melbin - draw
Gold Coast v Nix - nix
Heart v Jets - Heart ($20 says they will)
Grand final rematch - CCM
Perf v Adelaide - Adelaide to walk it

Faux John Madden
Still the greatest thing on twitter

The iPhone 4S will have a feature known as "Tony Romo" where the phone has no rings and shuts down without warning.
Chad Henne may miss season with shoulder injury. And just like that the Dolphins are back in the playoff picture
Right now the only thing lower than Mark Sanchez's QB rating tonight is the age of women he dates.

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