Thursday, October 13, 2011

Upcoming Gigs To End 2011 And Begin 2012

While we are closing in to the end of this year (and possibly world) theres still plenty of gigs to check out before then. Plus with main summer festival announcements out of the way we already have a bunch of great gigs for next year.

November the month of the nun

Flying Nun records is turning 30 and with that a bunch of great gigs have been announced and the bands I definitely am going to check out are.

featuring Popstrangers, Grayson Gilmour, T54, Surf Friends and Badd Energy.
Now I don't remember seeing any of these bands before (Gilmour as Siamese only) but the new breed of Flying Nun shall be interesting to check out.

The Clean w/The Subliminals
Fri 25 Nov – Wellington, SFBH
The Clean are probably my favourite New AZealand band of all time and seeing as I haven't yet seen them live I'm all over this gig, should be fun times.

While these two are probably my only definite gigs from the Nun shows I'm interested in checking out HDU w/ Glass Vaults (great band) Nov 11 and Ghost Club Nov 16.

Fucked Up play Wellington
Not really but I live in hope, someone make it happen.

Explosions In The Sky
SFBH December 15
This should be great, never seen them and been a fan for a while haven't heard the latest album but will get round to that at some stage.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
SFBH December 16
I'm still kind of indifferent about the debut album by these guys, I mean its alright but I just don't know how much I like it. With that in mind I'm still interested in checking out the live show incase of a clash at BDO.

Bodega Jan 8
I missed them last year, not this time

Fleet Foxes
Hunter Lounge Jan 13
Helplessness is one of my favourite albums of this year and I'm already a big fan of theres (Mykonos fo lyfe) so it makes sense to see them when its a 2 minute walk to the venue.

SFBH Jan 14
Again two gigs in two days and mo folk, I really enjoyed The Rip Tide and am also a fan of Flying Club Cup and this shall be another great show after missing their last one hear.

Big Day Out
Auckland Jan 20
My thoughts here

Laneway Festival
Auckland Jan 30
My thoughts here

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