Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorbos Guide To Big Day Out 2012 The First Announcement

Big Day Out made its first announcement for it's 2012 lineup, I personally like the bands chosen there's some I've blogged about and even some that have made my not at all prestigious top 25 lists. So Here is my guide to who I think you should check out,

Best Coast

This surf pop three piece from America were the first officially announced band and I definitely didn't see it coming. They will be great in the sun (it better be sunny) will be one of the great BDO moments.
Album to check out: Crazy For You (they only have one album)

Odd Future

Now regular readers will know I have some Odd Future love, Tyler, The Creator leader of this rap group has the best song made this year in Yonkers. The show these guys do is crazy and I'm expecting more of the same.
Album to check out: Either Bastard or Goblin (both Tyler creations)


Gloss Drop the 2nd album from Battles has consistently been on my top 25 list since it dropped and there's a reason for that, its great. plenty of fun tracks on this particularly Ice Cream which has a very "interesting" intro to the song, a must see act at BDO fo so.
Album to check out: Gloss Drop

Girl Talk

Greg Gillis is back and I'm pretty happy he is, sure he was at BDO in 2010 but I didn't get the chance to check him out so this time I'm hoping I'll get the chance. Will definitely be a fun time in the boiler room with this guys mashups being fuckin great.
Album to check out: Night Ripper

David Dallas

One of the New Zealand acts announced and this was one I pleased to see, I had the chance to see David  Dallas and he really was great. He definitely has the talent there's no denying that and with the release (for free) of his new album The Rose Tint he has the material to back it up.
Album to check out: The Rose Tint

Cut Off Your Hands

It was recently I saw these guy and the show was very fun, they started the set from the new album Hollow which I reviewed and quite enjoyed. They finished the set with the hits off You and I. Their set will definitely be fun with the energy they produce on stage.
Album to check out: Hollow

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This band is still pretty fresh and while technically not an NZ band, I guess they'll still be considered one. This indie pop band is the new project by former Mint Chicks singer Ruban Neilson and with an EP and debut album released the band is building a following.
Album to check out: Unknown Mortal Orchestra


I'm pretty surprised this band grabbed the third headline spot on the bill, I mean this rock band from Leicester had some pretty big crowds at BDO 2010 but still. They have recently released their fourth album which I thought was decent, but if  do catch them I hope they play stuff from all of their discography.
Album to check out: Velociraptor


Before this goes anywhere I guess I called it (well in advance might I add). Its great that those who were too young to catch these guys back in the day are back. So many classic songs and after catching Cornell's solo show, his voice is still capable of doing it.
Album to check out: Superunknown

Kanye West

FUKK DA HATERZ this will be great if he goes even close to the show he did at Coachella then we're in for a real treat, if he plays a lot of his earlier stuff and nothing from Watch The Throne then it'll be great. So hes a dick person, who cares a lot of his music is great and that's all I care about.
Album to check out: Late Registration

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