Friday, October 14, 2011

Song Battle, Songs Of The Same Name...PT 3

This is the third installment of the song battle, its simple two songs with the same name battle it out for ownership of the song name.

Song name one: Jack The Ripper

Deja Voodoo


The Horrors

Verdict: One song is hilarious and a complete piss take, the other sounds raw as fuck and partially crazy. I'm going with crazy Winner: The Horrors

Song battle two: Machine Gun




Verdict:Arguably the best Portishead song ever made versus a strong opener to a pretty baller drum n bass album. Winner: Portishead

Song battle three: Movement

LCD Soundsystem


Katy B

Verdict:When I saw LCD live they played movement and it was great one of my favourite tracks by them. The Katy B track is one of my least favourite on what is an album I quite enjoyed.
Winner: LCD Soundsystem

Song battle four: No Fun

The Stooges



Verdict: It's the fuckin Stooges, although the Vitalic track is krieg and rave as fuck I can't deny the Stooges. Winner: Stooges

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