Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Album Review: Mutemath - Odd Soul

Man, remember when Mutemath released their self titled album? yeah that was a cool album, so much energy and just a great rock album. Remember Armistice the second album? yeah we all know that blew but with the release of their third album Odd Soul Mutemath has the chance to get back to what might have been a strong career. I had actually completely forgotten about this band, but after hearing they had a new album out I was very keen to hear what they had made.

This album disappoints me almost instantly, this shit sounds like some faux Black Keys and I ain't a big Black Keys fan. The magic that was on the self titled debut release is non existent at this point and instead we are getting a weak blues alt rock album with little substance at all. The most obvious in this is the album opener Odd Soul which just starts the album off on a massive wtf and this faux blues rock goes on till track five. All or Nothing is when the band bring in a slower track, its more electronic influenced, with more incorporation of keys for the most part it reminds me of Coldplay in a bad way and only the instrumental interlude towards the end of the track is of anything positive.

Its like the fire that was lit under the band during the first album is so far from gone now its like they're trying to find a new sound. Its borderline Maroon Five, commercial bullshit now that's cool if they want to be that but the songs aren't exactly catchy and these guys won't end up all over TV and radio. Then there's the much more prog/jazz inspired track Cavalries which only adds to the confusion when I hear this. Once Cavalries is done I've had enough of this album, it is obvious by this stage I have no interest in what they are choosing to do but I must soldier on and get through this album just in case of a moment of hope.

I almost feel One More is a solid moment as its a reasonably groovy track, quite nice at most points but this isn't anything special. Equals is more soft rock, pretty simple and bland rock song, with the track continuing an ultimately boring album.

It's obvious I dislike this album a lot, if you never heard the self titled release then this might not be as bad. But its a pretty boring album that has nothing resembling a good track on it, maybe the odd riff that's solid but no way is there a full song I think works.

Overall Rating: 1.5/10

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