Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sorbo Wednesday Sports: Oh Was That World Cup On?

Another Wednesdxay and another post purely on sport, not just rugby either cause you know there are other games going on.

Wellington Phoenix
Undefeated (yeah its only two games) this season, solid 2 nil win over Newcastle

A League
3 from 5 this week, solid with the picks, Adelaide definitely showed up after last weeks display and Central Coast are struggaling, def need Amini in the hole.

The All Blacks
Are going to win the World Cup

Minnesota Vikings
I considered watching the Bears game but instead changed my mind, great decision that looks like we were raped.

Christian Ponder
Looks to be getting the start this week, finally

New Zealand League team

Fantasy Football
lost to an undefeated side, he played one short but I took a risk and brought in Felix Jones who stunk and had 3 players on the bye which cost me.

New Zealand League team
Was anyone actually surprised by this result? they always blow in one off matches that mean very little. If anything I'm just dissappointed they couldn't keep it close like between 7-12 points like I bet on.

Luis Suarez
Racist? true colours coming out perhaps...

Carson Palmer
Now a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraider (Berman impression) gave away too much for him, but they are a lot stronger now still a good pick up.

World Cup side from teams that made atleast the quarter finals
3NZ, 3Aus, 2Fra, 2RSA, 2Wales, 1Eng, 1Irl, 1Arg players allowed from each of these nations and this was my side.

15. Beale (Aus)
14. Jane (NZ)
13. Smith (NZ)
12. Roberts (Wales)
11. Ioane (Aus)
10. Steyn (RSA)
9. Phillips (Wales)
8. Reid (NZ)
7. Pocock (Aus)
6. Dusautoir (FRA)
5. Albacete (ARG)
4. Deacon (ENG)
3. Du Plessis (RSA)
2. Best (IRL)
1. Jean Baptiste Poux (FRA)

No one in my side who was a bench warmer (Hooker Du Plessis) or injured after the round robin (Carter).

Faux John Madden
Still the best

Carson Palmer should fit in well with the Raiders as he's played his entire professional career in a black hole.

Even Ace Ventura couldn't save the Dolphins

In 2011.. The St. Louis Cardinals made the World Series before the St. Louis Rams could win a game.

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