Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Album Review: Jame Blake - Enough Thunder

Enough Thunder by James Blake is the second release by the English electronic musician following his self titled debut full length album earlier this year. I'm slowly starting to like that album after it being pretty meh after the first couple of listens, hey I even like Wilhelm Scream now. The full length saw James Blake move away from his heavily electronic focus to a sweeter balladry side and with the release of another EP it was interesting to see which direction he chose to take this time.

The album opens up with Once We All Agree, the keys start it before James' voice comes in, his voice is beautiful so he can really suit the ballad numbers. Its slow sombre but a nice slow start to this EP and almost instantly shows the direction this is going to take. We Might Feel Unsound has some similarities in the first track but this one is a little more experimental in its backing, lot more tronic influence fo sur.

The third track on this album includes the vocals of the currently very popular Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). The track titled Fall Creek Boys Choir, has some nice overlapping vocals to go with the simple keys and occasional drum beat. We even get a cover on this album in the form of a Joni Mitchell track A Case Of You  its pretty sweet and it certainly puts his own mark on the track. Not Long now keeps with what has happened before, I guess a little more tronic but not really something of note. The final track on this EP the album title track is a solid closer, soft vocals with the piano guiding the song from start to finish a nice way to end really.

This EP is pretty alright, I prefer his electronic roots so was hoping he would return to what he did on those Ep's. Unfortunately he hasn't and while this is good it definitely isn't a great album and something I will enjoy as much as past efforts.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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