Thursday, October 27, 2011

Album Review: Megadeth - Th1rt3en

Th1rt3en is unsurprisingly album thirteen by legendary thrash metal band Megadeth and guess what everyone MEGADAVE...IS BACK!!!. One thing you realise quickly is how stupid the title is, its like those kids on Bebo writing about themselves while having a high angle shot as their display pic. Since the last album Endgame was released which I quite enjoyed, the band has played in New Zealand twice (saw them the first time) and we have seen the return of long time bassist Dave Ellefson.

If you were merely looking for more solid Megadeth to listen to then this is great, its nothing really outside of what hes done for his whole career. The riffs haves always been pretty good by Mustaine, when I saw him live he basically put on a guitar clinic on stage so much ability. Its hard to even describe the songs on this album, you can just take the formula he used on Endgame (and others) and hes done essentially that again. I must admit while early on I wasn't feeling it the further I went on thew album the more I enjoyed it, Never Dead and Fast Lane were fairly solid tracks for this album.

Some may think its just boring that hes never tried to do something different, he hasn't had to as hes been able to turn this into Megadeth's signature sound. We get the usual snarling Mustaine vocals the crushing drums to accompany the classic thrash metal sounding guitar riffs. Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick unsurprisingly excel on this album, they are the focal point of the band throughout and the riffs on this are at the very least a strong point on this album.

Its tough to single out any particular song on this album as a standout for me as I kind of feel this has all been done before, as if the band were going through the motions. Its not that it isn't creative but there's very little room for this band to move in sound when you've made 12 albums before it developing it to sound just like this. Sure the riffs are great and almost every point in the album, but I feel like I've heard them over and over again.

As I said earlier its a Megadeth album so you can only expect so much, if you've only just gotten into this band then you will probably dig this. If you have been listening to these guys for a while this is nothing new, worth checking out but don't expect another classic album and if anything a step down from the last release Endgame.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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