Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sorbos World Cup Blog, No Matt Todd Sightings

So I've decided now that we up to the only part of the tournament that truly matters (sorry France, Argentina, England and Ireland) that I'm going to attempt a daily blog on whats going on and how I feel about them.

Matt Todd Sighting
So hes training "against" the All Blacks does that mean hes in or out?

Where The Backup 7 At?
I remember when talk of who should be picked for the All Blacks squad for this World Cup was going on I said no to Matt Todd. Why? because hes untried, I have no idea why we were giving Liam Messam chance 1089230487230485 when we all knew he was once again proving he isn't up to international level. The Tri Nations/Bledisloe Cup tests were the time to see if hes up to it and if he was he would atleast ease fans fears if Mccaw were to go down injured.

Adam Thomson
Would probably get a start if Mccaw was to go down, I don't like my number 7 spending more time on the wing then the wingers.

Kurtley Beale
If we don't put him under pressure early, whether it be up and unders or forcing him into pressure situations with this injury (hes going to play no doubt) then we're idiots.

Hook Starts
With Hook starting for the Welsh I'd imagine we'll see a far more attacking Wales side, this could be the real exciting match as Australia Vs NZ will probably be a hard fought close battle in the forwards/kicking gane.

The French
It's kind of like this, if the French show up to play then Wales will be behind very quickly, the problem is whether that actually happens.

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